Sunbeam Sound Machine 'Wonderer' LP - Mountain Moss Green Vinyl EDR002-4


Limited to 150 copies only. These are all hand-numbered and hand stamped on the labels. The image above is for mockup purposes only. Vinyl colors and patterns may appear differently than pictured. Remember, sleep now...fiend later.

Sunbeam Sound Machine is the brainchild of talented Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Nick Sowersby who writes and records in the sanctity of his garage in Collingwood, Australia. On Wonderer, Sowersby has honed in on his reverb soaked psychedelic chill-wave sound that blends the best of early Tame Impala and Washed out.

"Sowersby is a dedicated bedroom producer, throwing a woolly fog over his dense creations: all compressed drums, tape hiss and reverb-drenched fuzz."- Rolling Stone


  1. Life On Earth (Future Head)
  2. Wandering, I
  3. Real Life
  4. In Your Arms
  5. Zeds
  6. Goodbye Vrations
  7. Fever Dream
  8. Daibutsu
  9. Wonder
  10. Somehow
  11. A Brief Attempt At Explaining The Sky
  12. Autumnal
  13. Sailing Away
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Mountain Moss Green Vinyl: 150 Copies
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